More Advance Praise – One More Page Books

OneMorePageOh the joy that is One More Page Books. This is one of my favorite treasures in all of Northern Virginia. They have lots of books, they sell wine, they hold great events and host the Waterbear Reading Series every summer. So, I was quite honored when they offered some kind words for my book.

“With his debut collection, Jonathan Harper has crafted a series of stories depicting everything from role-playing games to extreme body piercing. Harper shows great control over his prose, particularly his ability to take seemingly banal aspects of life and turn them into existential lightning rods.”
– Lelia Nebeker, One More Page Books

Alright, people. Show them some love!

One More Page Books
2200 N. Westmoreland St.
Arlington, VA 22213

Advance Praise for Daydreamers!

There’s less than two months to go before the release date of my short story collection, Daydreamers. I feel so honored to receive such kind words from authors I greatly admire. Here are what two of them have to say:

“Tenants who destroy your rental apartment, corpses that wash ashore, old men in strip bars, bullies, failed fathers, estranged lovers, and very lost young men negotiating relationships with older ones – welcome to the world of Jonathan Harper’s Daydreamers, whose assured prose style is turned with deadly accuracy on the crummy, sinister, banality of life in contemporary America. Harper’s collection brings to mind a movie of an Anne Tyler novel, if it were directed by David Lynch. There is some original sin at the center of these lost lives. But what is it exactly? Whatever the answer, Harper’s stories get better as they accumulate, until they take on the weight of an original artist’s vision.”
– Andrew Holleran, author Dancer from the Dance and Grief

“These stories – by turns wry, haunting, and melancholy – examine the ubiquity of loneliness, the painful gaps between yearning and fulfillment, and the myriad difficulties of truly connecting with lovers, family, and friends. Harper’s tales have long deserved to be collected under one cover.”
– Jeff Mann, author of Cub and Salvation

Egads! I’m on the internet!

Greetings. If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you were either looking for me or you’re lost.

Either way, welcome. So I have this book coming out, a short story collection called Daydreamers, and this will be his home-base on the web. Of course, I never imagined I would ever have a website as I always assumed they were powered by dark magic or clockwork gnomes. But I’m here now and have until March to figure out how all this works.

More updates to come. Unless this thing explodes on me. In that case, there will just be a mess.